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that the damaged nuclear power plant in japan, quote come continues to further stabilize, and that there have been no radiation readings in the u.s. the might be of concern. these remarks came before the meeting of the senate energy and natural resources committee. other speakers included officials from the energy department, the nuclear energy institute and the union of concerned scientists. this is an hour and 45 minutes. >> thank you for being here. this is a briefing. this is not a hearing has such. the reason we try to it as a briefing is so that people wouldn't have to file written testimony 72 hours ahead of time and all of that and things are changing very quickly with regard to the evolving situation that the nuclear power plant. will the committee doesn't have direct oversight on the safety of u.s. nuclear plants we do have to consider how events such as those affect the ability of the nation's nuclear fleet of 104 reactors to supply electricity, this of course the 104 reactors currently account for 20% of the electricity that we use and with the future of nuclear energy will be as part
forced from benjawahd and regrouped. >>> japan working to keep reactors cool and try to prevent radioactive water from leaking to the ocean. tons of water to keep fuel from overheating have been contaminated with radiation. workers are using sandbags and concrete panels to hold back the water. >>> pakistan's cricket team have been practicing for a game for which their world cup, standing, and national pride are at stake. on wednesday, pakistan plays india. a big match helping to soothe often bitter relations. thousands of people are expected to skip work to watch the game. i'm zain verjee in london. "world business today" starts now. >>> good morning from cnn london. >> and good afternoon from cnn hong kong, i'm pauline chu. this is kporld business today. the top stories on this wednesday, march 30, tepco's troubles keep mounting up. now the company's president has been hospitalized, apparently suffering from stress. >> high fuel prices and natural disasters clip qantas' wings. how the australian airline is cutting back. >> and businesses in india and pakistan are bowled over by
's not discount this. march was up three the month, oil broker 205, khaddafi is blowing up people, japan, tsunami, portugal, ireland. the united states for another war. if we can't afford this. >>pam: another conflict. speaking of japan, the president is defending nuclear power in setting goals for cutting oil imports big time. what does that mean for the market? >>rob: for natural gas is a good thing, for nuclear power it's a good thing. fuel efficiency on trucks is a great idea, if we were to spend money, but fuel- efficient who vehicles it would cut down on. we do need to cut down on the foreign oil and we have plenty of natural gas. we have in the united states basically what amounts to, we are the saudi arabia of natural gas. >>pam >>rob: truck gases in safe places, if you need oil you have to go 8 mi. under the ocean or in to the middle east. natural gas will never be a great investment because with plenty of it and it's easy to get. >>catherine: the kirov, he will be back if your e-mail. we will be back after this. >>catherine: the latest on the nuclear threat, more fear about the spreadin
nuclear experts to japan to help remove highly radioactive water from the troubled power plant. two other french experts are already in japan and are holding talks with the plant operator, tokyo electric power company. the five are from french-based ariva, one of the biggest nuclear energy firms. they will help to remove the polluted water that is hampering efforts to restore the cooling functions. this is the second time that france has dispatched experts to japan since the fukushima reactors were damaged by the march 11th quake and tsunami. france has already supplied radiation measuring vehicles and protective clothing. french president nicolas sarkozy will visit japan on thursday. he will meet prime minister naoto kan about further assistance to resolve the nuclear crisis. the science ministry says levels of radiation near the fukushima daiichi plant in the seawater are higher than normal but on the decline. they have been collecting seawater samples since march 23rd. it began the research after a high-density of radioactive substances was detected in seawater near the plant's drain o
what it is. >>> u.s. officials hope congress today that in light of the catastrophe in japan they are keeping a very close eye on america's nuclear facilities. >> review of this information combined with our ongoing inspection and licensing over sight, allow us to say with confidence that the u.s. plants continue to operate safely. >>> nuclear officials told the senate economy they are review u.s. plan particularly the ability to protect against natural disaster and power outages. as for japan, one expert predicted recovery will be slow. >> long term cooling of the reactors and pools is essential during this period and has not been adequately restored to date to the best of my knowledge. a massive clean up operation obviously remains for the future. >> reporter: in japan today, the operator of the damaged plant says that crews are struggling to pour water to cool the reactor. the death toll has been raised to 11,000. and they say they expect to rise as high as 18,000. >>> u.s. nuclear plants have had a number of close calls. the u.s. public interest group says since 1990, fed
. >> japan is to de commission four of the reactors. tokyo electric power made the announcement three weeks after failing to bring reactors one to four under control. harmful levels of radiation have been detected in the area. the bbc's mark worthington told me owe -- how worrying these radiation levels are. >> they are the most concerning we've had outside the reactors. much higher than anything seen in the vea water until now. suggesting the radioactive material is somehow leaking out. an indication that there's a dispersal 16 kilometers to the south they have been much lower, but elevated levels all adding to the growing concern that this might have some kind of impact on japan's crucial fishery. >> so this is far from being under control. >> yes. and tepco has used almost that phrase saying they cannot say reactors one to four are at this stage under control. they are stabilizing slowly, they say, but because it's such a difficult task and because it's gone on so long and because they believe there's been a part of meltdown and because if you've seen the true scale of destruction, they
report on the fight against gadhafi. >>> maximum alert tonight in japan, where it now appears the emergency at the nuclear power plant will not be contained any time soon. >>> is there a link between our children's behavior and the coloring in our food? the government is taking on the question again, while some parents have already acted on their own. >>> and making a difference for people still struggling after katrina. tonight, the good people who show up and go to work every day without being asked. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, a few hours ago here in new york, president obama sat down to talk with us about the dangerous situation in libya and that entire region of the world. we asked him about the speech to the nation he delivered last night, the dangers of u.s. military involvement, while already fighting two other wars, and the precedent this may set in other nations. and the fact that this may not go quite as the u.s. and nato have planned. notably, as you're about to hear, the president left open the possibi
with child protective services. 3 the crisis continues at the fukushima daiichi nnclear power plant in japan.. damage to the nuclear facility can be seen from the air.... worrers are struggling to cool reactors and prevent radioactive water frommleaking into the ocean. meanwhile... the death toll from the tsunami is more than 11-thousand.the estimated coot of the quake and tsunami are expected to top more than 300- billion dollars... making it the world's most expensive natural disaster. trace amounts of radiation are showing up n rainwater here in maryland. earlier this week... trace levels of radioactive iodine 131 were picked up by air monitors near two nuclear facilities.over the weekend... japan saw huge spikes in radioactivity... which means we could see more elevated readings here... but healtt officialsssay the increased &plevels in marylaad are not dangerous. sharfstein says, " much much less than an x-ray. in ca, reported amount lees than 1 / 10th of what you'd get flying &pfrom chicago la - chicago. what we found in md as a lot less thhn what they saw in ca." ca." scientists
of japan have been affected? it fell to the chairman of the company who made a lengthy apology. those that found their food production hampered, varying and fluctuating warnings about safety. he apologized to them all for the inconvenience and the worry as they struggled to deal with the problems. pepsico is struggling for its own survival there is a pressing need for the company to be nationalized. >> briefly, where are they on the humanitarian disaster? >> it is a huge effort that has been overshadowed in the media. certainly, efforts are continuing. a huge number of people in temporary accommodations getting what they need for now, and there is the building of temporary housing, but the need for a very real solution in long-term on that part of the japanese coast, at the moment efforts continue but it does not seem at this stage that the plan is emerging. >> thank you very much. landslides and across southern thailand have left 700,000 people -- affected 700,000 people, leaving thousands of tourists stranded on one of the country's most popular islands. the prime minister of pakist
of manassas headed in towards centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> in japan seawater has the highest levels of radiation found soy far. more than 3,000 times what who be considered to be normal. meanwhile, the president of the company that runs the power planted is in the hospital for high blood pressure. the united states is helping engineers cool the overheating reactors. the energy department sending row boosts and radiation resistant cameras into the plant -- robots and radiation resistant cameras into the plant. >>> there are new clues in the hit and run that killed a man in a wheelchair. d.c. police have released the name and model of the car they are looking for. they say 55-year-old gary green was hit by a silver toyota camry either 2000 or 2001 model year. that accident happened on benning road on march 12th. >>> a maryland teenager is in custody and facing charges for bringing a loaded gun into school. frederick county sheriffs and public schools officials say the 15-year-old student took a 22 caliber revolver to
issue popping up in japan. their nuclear experts are struggling with how to dispose of all the radio active water they're using. highly toxic plutonium is the latest contaminant found. officials say the amounts are not a risk to humans, but it -- leaking from the damaged rods. one cabinet minister calls the situation quote, very grave. >>> now to a story you'll only see here on nbc bay area news. more than three decades ago, a bay area nuclear scientist was so alarmed by the design of a nuclear reactor, he quit in public protest. he was convinced the mark one reactor, the same used in japan, had design flaws that could lead to a devastating accident and put lives at risk. mary ann favro has more. >> he was asked to assess how well the reactor would hold up in a major disaster such as a quake. he says his testing revealed the reactors might fail. >> i resigned from ge on february 2, 1976. >> 35 years ago, he wrote this resignation letter to his employer, the ge department in san jose. he quit because he was concerned about the design of a mark one nuclear reactor, the same used at the
nuclear regulator is just back from japan answering questions on capitol hill right now. he promised to take action if the japanese pointed to short comings at the united states plants. this is leading to a question of nuclear storage sites for spent fuel to get them away from reactors. >>> the syrian president did not deliver on government reforms in a speech to parliament today. there was wide speculation that he would rollback the 1963 emergency law which gave also broad arrest powers. protesters have demanded reforms. >> translator: we are now with our conspiracy. worldwide conspiracy. this depends on what is happening in the arab world. >> so take a look at this video here. it really illustrates the frustration many are feeling. you see security officers swarming around a woman after she lungs at president assad's car. he was leaving parliament. it really is unclear what the motivation was for all of this. >>> libyan rebels are pulling back today giving ground now to moammar gadhafi's forces. opposition fighters advanced to the outskirt of sirte. libyan troops pushed them back t
anger and unrest throughout syria. new tests show soaring radiation levels in the water near japan's crippled nuclear power plant. i'll ask the energy secretary steven chu what the obama administration is doing to prevent a japan-like disaster here in the united states. >>> i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> we begin with breaking news. cnn has confirmed that the libyan foreign minister musa kusa has resigned his position. he showed up in london today. the british foreign office telling cnn in a statement that musa kusa arrived in london and told the british government he has resigned his position as libyan foreign minister, a dramatic development today, a senior source, senior official close to moammar gadhafi clearly showing up in london and resigning, as we know, so many libyan ambassadors, including a libyan ambassador here in washington, d.c. the libyan ambassador here at united nations, libyan ambassadors in other countries earlier had stepped aside, had broken with gadhafi, but now it looks like musa kusa, the foreign minister, has broken with gadhafi. her
in japan, more fears as the damaged nuclear plant spike at 3,000 times the normal level. >>> rebels in libya face more setbacks in the push against moammar gadhafi's forces. u.s. president barack obama says he will not rule out arming the rebels. >>> a decisive moment in syria, the world is waiting to hear what the president will say one day after his cabinet quit. bashar assad will "face the nation" and has been lying low after two weeks of violent clashes between security forces and anti-government protests. thousands have been killed. and they poured into the capital tuesday. it is said the president could be about to lift the emergency law in place since 1963. he will bring you the address live as soon as it begins. >> right now, we're joined by hala gorani. you interviewed the spokesman from the embassy. good to see you. did he say anything about what we can expect bashar to say? >> we have spoken to embassy members and others and we are expecting bashar al-assad to lift the state of emergency that has been in place longer than he has been alive, 1962, the baathi baathi baathis
that happened last week in japan. and our hearts go out to the millions of people in japan affected by this disaster. however, a bit of good news in all of this is that schools throughout our district are collecting donations for the japanese earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. one elementary school coordinated a potluck, a concert and an auction and ralph and were able to raise $22,000 for the japan relief fund. they deserve a round of applause. on behalf of the superintendent and the board of education, we are extremely proud of our schools and students for showing us how to be good global citizens in offering a hand of comfort to our brothers and sisters across the pacific. thank you very much. president mendoza: thank you very much deputy superintendent. our next item is item c, recognition of the resolution of accommodations and throw it back to you. >> at this point in time, i would like to call susan righter, who will present the rave distinct issued service award to a member of our community. >> i'm pleased to be here this evening on behalf of principal kevin kerr and he
it is sending robotic devices to japan to help the nation with its nuclear spill. they could work in areas where radiation levels could harm or kill humans. meanwhile, the japanese government is now admitting what many assumed, that its safeguards against a earthquake and tsunami were inefficient. >>> now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. in new york city, chilling security videotape captured a tragic car crash early tuesday morning. the car hit a guardrail before flipping over and crashing through a set of glass doors, killing a pedestrian. police say the man behind the wheel lost control of the vehicle while exiting a bridge. the driver and passenger are reported in stable condition. >>> in miami, a 25-year-old woman was thrown to the ground by a police officer attempting to make an arrest. video that was posted on youtube shows members of a rowdy crowd becoming hostile when the cop showed up to arrest the woman who, according to a police report, was thrown out of a fashion show for unruly behavior. the she was later charged with disorderly conduct and resistin
. the cia and white house are not commenting. >>> the latest on the disaster in japan. the setbacks for the nuclear power plant continue to mount today. radiation levels have spiked. is revealed today that the president of the electric plant have been checked into a hospital. >> today the company provided details wall radiation levels near the plant were off the chart wednesday. >> the water's gushing from the nuclear plant signal major trouble wednesday. radioactive iodine breeds near the reactors were more than 3300 times the legal limit. the highest measurement since the natural disasters rock the power plant 2.5 weeks ago. cries of protest were allowed outside the tokyo electric power company that operates the plant. the president has not been seen since two days after the earthquake in tsunami. finally an explanation. the company says he is suffering from disease spells, fatigue, and high blood pressure. -- from dizzy spells, the teacup and high blood pressure. -- fatigue and high blood pressure. >> tepco acknowledged that will have no other option than to scrap all
of japan in all our minds, top scientists issued a report saying we're in the ready. 39 of 50 states sit in the zones. the dark red are the riskiest. we decided to look at tennessee. steve osunsami is there tonight. >> reporter: the last time this fault jolted was in 1976. you could feel it hundreds of miles away. scientists say this area is overdue for a much bigger one. and that everyone should be ready. experts said the japanese are proof you can never be too prepared for earthquakes. they were the most ready in the worlds. sky scrapers built on springs. it was still devastating. today, scientists in the u.s. say we're unprepared. >> a number of cities are at risk. boston, new york city, charlesson. >> reporter: it's not just california. the most dangerous zone is in the middle of the country. the last big one here was in 1895. and when, not if, when it happens, millions will be left homeless. >> it's a hard, cold slap slab that allows the energy to travel. in california, energy dissipates quicker. >> reporter: jerry is a geologist in memphis. he shows us cities that would not make it
, leaking pipes. as the crisis in japan raises serious concerns, what is the safety record of the reactors here in the united states? we have the details. >>> tea party superstar. he's 39 years old and the hottest newcomer on capitol hill. but senator marco rubio's kept a low profile, until now. tonight, his first national tv interview since being elected. so, is he running for president? >>> and, surfer girl. bettany hamilton was just 13 when a shark attack captured headlines and changed her life forever. she's riding high once again, and we've got the incredible story of her long fight to get back in the water. >> announcer: from the global e resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," march 29th, 2011. >> good evening. we're going to begin with the revelation of a record of safety violations at america's nuclear plants. the united states is home to 104 reactors across 31 states. some of them located on fault lines. but nuclear regulatory commission safety records show more than 50 safety violations at u.s. nuclear plant
inside those rebel forces for a closer look. >>> radiation fears. the nuclear crisis in japan has a lot of people asking could it happen here, and would warning systems work if it did? >>> price check. a new drug to help prevent premature babies, but at what cost for those who need it? >>> and the close call for an american president 30 years ago tonight. what we didn't know until now. >>> also here tonight, the first-ever view of a neighbor of ours. "nightly news" begins now. ightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. right about now during these past few days across our country, people are watching this unfolding situation in libya. the rebels versus gadhafi. americans have heard president obama defending the u.s. air campaign he ordered, sending our service members to fight a third concurrent conflict far from home. in our conversation with the president yesterday, he wouldn't rule out or in giving american weapons to these rebels. and now you're going to get to see the rebels we're talking about, the side the u.s. is supporting in this w
're learning about a nuclear reactor shutdown, but it's not in japan but here in california. 185 miles south of san jose at the diablo canyon nuclear plant. we talked to pg&e who operates the plant. they say this is not a safety concern. the shutdown is the non-nuclear turbine side of the plant. operators should down 1 of 2 reactors for repair because of n problem with the water pump over the weekend. it's unknown how long the repairs will take. it's one of two nuclear plants in california. the other is just south of los angeles. >>> now to a story you see only on nbc bay area. three decades ago he made national news. a bay area nuclear scientists who worked for ge quit his job because he was concerned with ge's design of a nuclear reactor. he was convinced the mark one reactor, the same used in the failing plant in japan, had design flaws that could lead to a devastating accident. we have this local story with international implications. >> i resigned from ge on february 2, 1976. >> reporter: 35 years ago nuclear engineer dale bridnbaugh wrote this resignation letter. he quit because he was
in japan, the president of the fukushima nuclear plant is in the hospital. while the situation at his plant is getting worse. >> that's one of the stories making news this morning at 6:13. right now, the level of radiation in seawater near the plant is at its highest level. 3300 times the normal level. sea water is being pumped in constantly to the nuclear reactor to keep them cool but that water is then making its way back out to sea. >> the faa is investigating a deadly small plane crash in michigan. three people died when the single engine piper went down in the city of monroe. it appears the flight originated in bedford, pennsylvania. >>> the crew of the space shuttle "endeavour" is at the kennedy space center including mark kelly, the husband of wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords. the launch is scheduled for april 19th. >>> in this morning's health alert, spices with disease- fighting benefits. the doctor is a family physician. she integrates natural remedies in her practice. she touts the cancer fighting powers of tum eric. it can be added to your diet in all kinds of ways. >>
crisis in japan, as the prime minister says his country is on "maximum alert." >> ifill: miles o'brien reports from the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster, the chernobyl power plant, where, decades later, radiation levels are still higher than normal. >> 25 years after the accident here, scientists are still trying to piece together its full impact. in the wake of events in japan there's new focus on their work. >> woodruff: and ray suarez interviews housing analyst robert shiller about new evidence of falling home prices in cities across the nation. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> oil companies have changed my country. >> oil companies can make a difference. >> we have the chance to build the economy. >> create jobs, keep people healthy and improve schools. >> .and our communities. >> in angola chevron helps train engineers, teachers and farmers; launch child's programs. it's not just good business. >> i'm hopeful about my country's fute. >> it's my country's future. >> you can't manufacture pride, but p
. >> hill: need some patience. all right, rebecca, thanks. in japan today, the prime minister said his nation is on maximum alert because of the crippled nuclear plant. today two workers were soaked by radioactive water that somehow got through their waterproof suits. they were decontaminated, they were not seriously hurt. meantime, a report, though, came out today that plant officials were warned as far back as 2007 that a tsunami could overwhelm the plant's flood defenses. those officials failed to act. safety procedures are also under review at u.s. nuclear plants, but former employees at one plant in california tell us their warnings were ignored. that's ahead. an up next, the maker of a drug to prevent premature births delivers a massive price hike. h. yeah, it's me, big brother. put the remote down and listen. [ male announcer ] this intervention brought to you by niaspan. so you cut back on the cheeseburgers and stopped using your exercise bike as a coat rack. that's it? you're done? i don't think so. you told me your doctor's worried about plaque clogging your arteries -- what
gaddafi's says it is time is running out. remembering the tragedy, as benefits soccer match in japan for survivors of the earthquake and the tsunami. the future of libya as a plot of the agenda and london on tuesday. more than 40 politicians met to discuss the post gaddafi era. qatar wning gaddafi that he has a matter of days to save themselves. the coalition says they did not tell the car rentals in libya but france said that that option is still on the table. -- the coalition says that they did not agree to arm the rebels in libya. >> the rebels are on the back foot again. after fierce fighting, they have pulled back and are regrouping. after this latest setbacks, there is calling for more international support. >> where is america? where is great britain? they should help us. they should be giving us weapons or stopping gaddafi forces from advancing on us. >> they say they will not be sending in ground forces. germany is especially opposed to the idea. foreign minister has offered humanitarian help. >> delegatesagreed that gaddafi has to go but what should happen to him if he leav
, and elsewhere, yesterday. >>> in japan, radiation levels at the crippled nuclear power plant continue to rise. sea water outside the plant contains more than 3,000 times the usual amount of radiation. the highest rate yet detected. government officials admit there is no end in sight for this crisis, and today japan upgraded its safety standards for nuclear power plants. tomorrow, french president nicolas sarkozy is due to visit tokyo. he is the first foreign leader in japan since the march 11th quake. >>> the president of the utility company that owns the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant has been hospitalized. he's being treated for high blood pressure and dizziness. he hasn't been seen in public for nearly two weeks. >>> also this morning, powerful and potentially dangerous storms are moving throughout the southeast. the weather system is producing heavy downpours. up to two inches an hour. flood watches are being posted in mississippi, and alabama. the storm produced strong winds, and possible tornado, and damaging hail as it moved through louisiana. >> never experienced hail like that
at japan's fukushima plant. the president says wind, solar, and other sources of clean energy are also key to his plan but they still depend on massive government subsidies, money that's hard to find in tight budgets. even coal took a big hit last year when 29 miners lost their lives at the upper big branch mine in west virginia. now, all of the energy plans the president talked about today are focused on the long-term and white house viruses concede there's not really anything the president can do to bring down the price of gas in any significant way this year. erica. >> hill: chip, thanks. chip reid at the white house. american drivers, though, are beginning to do their part to conserve, and as national correspondent dean reynolds tells us, that means the heyday of the gas guzzler is over. >> 142.5! >> reporter: on the roller coaster ride of energy prices, gasoline is going up again. >> $65 for gas is pretty unbelievable. >> reporter: but lessons learned since the last spike in 2008 are cushioning the blow. >> fuel efficiency as a whole has become more important to every customer, even a
picked up by air monitors near two nuclear facilities.over the weekend.. japan ssw huge spikes in radioactivity... which means we could see more elevated readings here... but health officials say the increased levels in maryland aae not ddngerous. sharfstein says, " much much less than an x-ray. in ca, reported amount less than 1 / 10th offwhat you'd get flying frrm chicago la - chicago. what we found in md was a lot ca." scientists say the radiation probably came ffom the first releases of radioactive material at the fukushimi dai-ichi nuclear plant in japan. doctors are studying a new way of detecting melanoma. melanoma.it's a non-invasive and pain-free way of examining a suspicious mole... calledd "tape stripping."the tape pulls off the top layers of skin that would have fallen off in a few days... and that sample is sent to a lab. right now the only way of detection is taking a iopsy from the skin --- and that is painful and can leave a scar. 3 mos says: "i'll tell you what i'd like to see more of and tha" that's..."too hot for ttv -- after the break ---- where these as
it, carl. thank you. french president nicolas sarkozy will travel to japan on behalf of the g-20 group of nations to offer support after that country's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis. japan's government today vowed to overhaul the safety standards once its radiation-leaking nuclear complex is under control. admitting safeguards were insufficient to protect against the march 11 tsunami. the death toll there in japan now, tops 10,000. amid the tragedy in japan, one possible financial winner here in the u.s. in the aftermath of all of that is pennsylvania's coal industry. correspondent molly line looks at the local benefit to a population that's increasingly nervous about nuclear power. >> governments around the globe re-evaluate the safety of the nuclear power in the wake of the fukushima disaster, u.s. coal interests are going for broke. increasing demand in the world market. >> coal is here to stay. we can find different ways to use it but it's in our own united states. easy to get to. accessible and can be used for all type of energy. >> this is one of the largest suppli
. let nothing stand in your way. ♪ >> shepard: the unrest in the middle east and crisis in japan raising questions about the future of nuclear power and the united states reliance on foreign oil. so the president focusing on america's energy supply today and laying out some pretty specific goals. the first one is a new one. and it's a biggie. cutting u.s. oil imports by one third by the year 2025. also rebuilding -- i should say building four new biofuel plants within the next two years. something he has mentioned before. putting a million electric vehicles on u.s. roads by 2015. >> meeting the goal of cutting our oil dependents depends largely on two things. first, finding and producing more oil at home. second, reducing our overall dependent on oil with cleaner alternative fuels and greater efficiency. i have got to be honest. we run into the same political gridlock, the same inertia that was held us back for decades. that has to change. >> republicans say the president himself is part of the problem. mike emanuel with both sides from the white house tonight. mike, g.o.p. leaders are s
american factories. it has run short of engine transmission, and electric parts that come from japan. no details on which will be more effected. toyota is also telling its u.s. car dealers to stop ordering more than 200 replacement parts made in japan. it's also worried about running out of them. >>> let's check in on wall street. right now future signal a higher opening that follows gains yesterday. dow up 81 points. of course president obama talking about energy gas prices today. that could have an effect on the market. >>> fda chemist and son are being charged with running a -- 2 million insider scheme. they used confidential information from a password protected fda system. those companies had applications waiting for decisions from the fda. the pair used the information before the companies knew if their drugs had been approved. >>> our time now 5:21. here is a question, should we start worrying now? the levels of radiation from japan now found in the rain falling here in the u.s.. >>> and this time education cuts. the reason why one bay area city is resisting plans for a new sc
outside of japan's crippled nuclear power plant contain 3,000 times the usual amount of radioactive iodine. that's the highest rate detected since an earthquake and tsunami pummeled the region three weeks ago. the president of the if you fukushima plant has been hospitalized for stress. he's been working virtually nonstop since the crisis began. >> the acting chancellor for d.c. public schools released more information about investigations into standardized test scores. >> this after a "usa today" report questioning the legitimacy of high standardized test scores. >> that report showed so many wrong answers were erased and changed to the right ones on the standardized tests it was almost impossible for the changes to be legitimate. 9news now reporter lindsey mastis joins us at one of the schools in question in this report. >> reporter: i'm at noyes educational center. this is one of the schools that "usa today" focused on in their report saying that there was a high number of erasers here, that a lot of the answers were change from wrong to right. now, the school's acting school chancellor
the crippled nuclear power plant in japan. three workers were drenched with radioactive water despite wearing waterproof suits. the seawater is thousands of times higher than normal. >>> with housing still weighing on the economic turnaround, a program to help troubled homers is getting killed on capitol hill. -- troubled homeowners. >> linda bell has more. >> the house of representatives voted to end another housing program backed by the obama administration. this one is the home affordable modification program, designed to help homeowners avoid foreclosure by paying banks and mortgage servicers to modify monthly payments. although it permanently modified more than half a million mortgages, it was still seen as a failure. it could not keep up with the massive number of foreclosure filings. the measure must still pass through the senate. according to the mortgage bankers association, better and boris appear to be a high-risk group in terms of falling behind on their mortgages. they still have the lowest foreclosure rates among all types of mortgages. people are working on the legal settlement
their battles? >> we have more on libya coming up about 5 minutes. let's turn our attention to japan or the nuclear and industrial safety agency has announced that the level of radioactive iodine in the sea of japan's fukushima nuclear plant is 3355 times above the legal limit. a state of maximum alert was declared after highly radioactive uranium was found near the plant. we speak to our correspondent in tokyo. levels in the sea are now causing grave concern? >> this is the strongest indication that highly radioactive water that has been discovered within the buildings and outside the buildings he is somehow leaking into the sea. a level of radioactive iodine was detected and considerably higher than any we have been told about so far. almost twice as high. we were told that the measurements taken during the course of yesterday, it was a steadily increasing. it must be said that the nuclear safety agency had stressed that it is a very localized reading taken off the shore of the fukushima plant. they say it will have dissipated and deteriorated considerably by the time that it reach
charged up over electric vehicles. >> tom: in japan, the owner of the crippled fukushima nuclear power plant, tokyo electric on america's nuclear power growth until new safety guidelines are put in place. in japan, meantime, lucy craft reports the owner of the fukushima power plant may soon be under management, the japanese government. >> reporter: reports here say the government may temporarily nationalize tepco, which is confronting tens of billions of dollars in compensation to residents, fishermen and farmers who have been dislocated by the radiation disaster. a government takeover would ensure the company could meet those obligations, analysts say. the complex operation to stabilize fukushima's six damaged and leaking reactors could drag on for weeks. this weekend, trace plutonium turned up on the site, raising more alarm. tepco is the region's largest utility, and provides power to a third of japan's population, but with most of its nuclear power and other energy plants sidelined by the earthquake, tokyo is confronting huge power shortages, especially this summer. the nationaliza
the tax hikes. without those more cuts to the budget are expected >> darya: the situation in japan, the president of the nuclear plant utility has been hospitalized for dizziness and high blood pressure. radiation levels have spiked in the ocean water and the water near the damaged plant. 3000 times above normal. workers are trying to prevent a meltdown they are repairing broken power lines running to the plant. once they are able to do that the cooling system can be turned on. until then water is being dumped on the reactors. another ripple effect since the quake in japan shortages on the parts are heading north american operation that honda and toyota. toyota is watching car dealers to stop ordering 200 replacement parts made in japan because they're worried about running out of them. honda is cutting production at its north american auto factory starting today since the earthquake earlier this month several lawmakers have been forced to cut production >> mark: we will be right back live look from the roof camera, a beautiful hey marcel, watch this! hey marcel, watch this! [ buzz
, he also said he's determined to ensure it's safe. that pledge comes as the world watches japan struggle to control a damaged nuclear power plant. lucy craft has the latest from tokyo. >> reporter: executives of tokyo electric power-- or "tepco"-- did the customary bow of remorse, apologizing for a disaster that shows no signs of abating. their president, conspicuously absent from public view for several weeks, has checked into the hospital, complaining of high blood pressure. the latest alarming news from tepco? radioactive iodine in seawater near the fukushima plant has surged to 3,355 times legal limits. officials continue to argue seawater contamination won't ruin japanese fisheries, but these assurances are cold comfort to the agriculture and marine industries, which have lost consumer confidence here and abroad. meanwhile, tepco dropped another bombshell today. businesses are being asked to slash their energy use by a whopping 25%, or tokyo could face a long, hot summer of blackouts. lucy craft, "nightly business report," tokyo. >> tom: as we reported earlier, part of pres
this morning about radioactive contamination spreading from the fukushima nuclear power plant in japan. tests on sea water near the plant show more than 3300 times the legal limit of radioactive iodine in the water. officials in the country though are downplaying the results. >> just to put the leak into perspective, new data from the institute for energy and environmental research suggests the radiation in japan is 160,000 times worse than the 1979 leak at three mile island. however, they say the japanese leak is still not even close to the amount of radiation leaked at chernobyl. >> an al-qaeda operative wanted in the 2002 bali bombings is in pakistan. umar pa tech was arrested. there is a $1 million reward for his arrest. >>> several members of congress owe the district of columbia in parking, red light and speeding tickets. >> some have gone years without paying. gary nurenberg has more on the growing publicity around the story. through is about $15,000 in outstanding tickets as of mid march. about 3/4, about $11,500 delinquentent means they have been out for more than 60 days. >> she's t
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